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Our experienced mentors help turn ideas into multi-million pound businesses!

What is
Innovation Labs?

Innovation Labs was founded on the principle of providing experienced, tried and tested support for innovation, entrepreneurship and skills acquisition, set within a friendly, supportive and cost effective coworking environment.

Membership provides access to our fast growing coworking and innovation hub network. Suitable for remote workers, freelancers, startups, innovators and scaling businesses. Our unique member network creates extensive business development and collaboration opportunities.

The Innovation Labs initiative is backed by Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Council, East Suffolk Council, Suffolk Growth with the Innovate Local initiative, SIGIF and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

The unique benefits
of membership

Our members report that Innovation Labs changes their lives. Whether it be improved mental health or engendering the confidence to take a brave new leap, we aim to provide the optimal blend of support and coworking environments.

Membership provides access to:

  • Modern coworking & innovation hub spaces, with free wifi, coffee and tea facilities.

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship is really hard! Our been there, done that mentors make all the difference to achieving success.

  • Weekly programme of events including pitching, accountability clubs, external speakers and social events to help you run your business better.

  • Use and learn about cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, brain control interfaces, 3D printing, holograms and blockchain.

  • Collaborate with other like minded businesses, share experiences and help each other win new business.

  • Access Innovate UK funded programmes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships via University of Suffolk. These can be the most cost effective pathway for accessing world-leading, cutting edge research and expertise to develop your innovation.

  • We help identify and secure funding opportunities.

  • Innovation Labs Member Perks Programme provides access to unique deals for products and services.

  • We offer a variety of membership options to suit our members.

  • Try before you buy. Your first two visits are free!

Case studies

Case study - 3 Points Digital

Geraint is a digital transformation specialist focusing on social care and has been a member of Innovation Labs since March 2020.

Innovation Labs has been instrumental in the success of his start-up business. So much so that after three and a half months, he was approached by a company wanting to merge. He decided to sell and is now the owner of a larger company.

"I was originally interested in Innovation Labs for the coworking space it offered, however it has benefitted my business in ways I could not have imagined. This became clear during the lockdown when the premises were forced to close, and I enjoyed a “virtual membership."

"I was surprised by what I found myself part of. The founders each reached out to offer me support and advice to help me grow my business. These people are experts in what they do and the mentoring they offer is the making of your business. I found myself listening to and valuing the conversations I had."

"Selling my business was not a decision to make lightly and I leant on the Innovation Labs advisors for their thoughts. This was invaluable at the time, and today, they still support me via referrals, leveraging their own networks, and giving great advice."

"Innovation Labs is supporting me to position myself as a thought leader in CareTech. I could not do this without the support of Innovation Labs, and I hope this will be a game changer for my company. To be part of this is vital for any start up, so I would urge anyone starting their first innovative business, but finding it hard to make the right connections, to apply for a virtual membership – they won’t regret it!"

Case study - Queue Technology

Ellis joined Innovation Labs in February 2020. His company develops a range of B2C technology solutions, comprising of Queue Pay, Queue Card, and the Virtual Highstreet, which allow for easy e-commerce purchasing. His technology has been increasingly used in pubs and restaurants throughout the course of the Covid pandemic.

"When I signed up for an Innovation Labs membership, my company was essentially a team of two working on just the one product, Queue Pay. Since joining, the support and guidance from the advisors at Innovation Labs has enabled me to scale-up at a rapid rate. I’ve gained new clients, been featured in the press, and have taken on a number of full time employees."

"The real value of Innovation Labs comes from experienced mentors such as Peter Brady, Peter Basford, and Hermione Way. They’ve worked with me closely since joining and have continually ensured that I have everything in place, answering any questions, and offering advice as my business grows."

"The support of Innovation Labs has been invaluable. I’d recommend any start up to apply for a virtual membership. The advice, skills, and support you receive are a massive boon and will help your business succeed and progress to the next level."

Here’s what our members say

“Being a member of Innovations Labs has reinvigorated passion for my business and given me a boost to reach the next level”

“The venue is great, but it’s the market leading support members receive that truly makes the difference.”

“Just want to share the impact that you have facilitated through allowing my use of the Labs. Last week I was able to provide 80 jobs to people laid off by this pandemic. This week I’ve connected 600 vulnerable adults to their families through various tech solutions. You and the Innovation Labs have made this possible. A massive thank you from the 680 people helped so far ”

"I was trying to join London, Surrey and Cambridge incubators when there was one just downstairs! People from those cities don’t have the same spirit as people from Suffolk or Norfolk!"

"I've achieved more in 3 months at Innovation Labs than I have in the previous 3 years."


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